About Us

Quality Ingredients

At Higher Level Brands, we believe in using only the finest-quality ingredients. All of our products contain natural ingredients, are non-gmo, and gluten-free. Many of our products are dairy-free and vegan. 

Premium Concentrates

We utilize premium distillate, enhanced with a full terpene profile, in all of our products.

Award-Winning Products

Multiple award-winning brands across several states. 

Edibles List Magazine:

- 1st Place Best Taffy 2016

- 1st Place Best Taffy 2017

- 3rd Place Best Edible Company 2017

- 1st Place Best Caramel 2018

- 1st Place Best Hybrid Edible 2018

- 1st Place Best Hemp Tincture 2018 

Blazed420 Magazine:
- 1st Place Best Edible Company 2016

- 1st Place Best Edible 2016

Errl Cup:
- Top 20 Arizona Edible 2017

- 3rd Place Best CBD Edible 2018